Did you know that 80-90 percent or $2.9 billion of the seafood consumed in America, is imported? Those who eat it are exposed to whatever level of safety practices exist in the exporting country and onward. Much of this seafood is coming from Asian countries. In fact, it is a common practice in these countries to funnel toxic waste from unclean activities into their ponds. It is in these filthy water conditions; the fish and shrimp are being raised.

So, Why Would You Grow Your Own Food?

Nutri-Fish Fun Food

– For Dinner, Snacking and Prepping

Our dried and slow smoked fish & fish jerky, is a nutritious snack food that is cooked and ready to eat. This is a fun and healthy fast food alternative with all-natural ingredients. Our Nutri-Fish Fun Food is the realization of our dream to show our neighbors how healthy and great tasting farm-raised fish can be.

Savannah/Bloomingdale + Georgia, United States
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So, Why Would You Grow Your Own Food?

Chemicals in our food are killing us!

Evidence of the toxic consequences of mega corporations are growing by the day – small farmers are losing their livelihoods, and consumers have no option other than to buy toxic food grown in increasingly contaminated, chemical infested soils.