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When DDGS is added to animal feeds that are properly formulated, it provides excellent animal health, performance and food product quality. These attributes, and others, have made distillers grains one of the most popular feed ingredients to use in animal feeds around the world.

“We don’t have all the answers yet. However, applications of DDGS are growing quickly. Join our investigation into other uses for DDGS. We offer 5 lbs and up. Order now and get involved.

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What are Dry Distillers’ Grains?

High-Protein Animal Feed

Far from creating a “food or fuel” dilemma, the ethanol process creates both fuel and high-protein animal feed. Indeed, one-third of every bushel of grain that enters the ethanol process is enhanced and returned to the feed market, most often in the form of distillers grains.

The starch portion of the grain is made into ethanol; the remaining protein, fat, and fiber pass through to the co-products. The nutritional properties of DDGS make it one of the most valuable feed ingredients in the world.

DDGS Feed - Insect Applications

Distillers grains are a cereal byproduct of the distillation process. It is an excellent high protein grain food that can be used for various feed applications. Below are doable feed applications.

Insect DDGS for Feed
Crickets are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals depending on what's available to them. Leafy vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce, fruits like apples and grains like (DDGS) cereals and bread are all healthy choices your crickets will love. What do Crickets Eat?
Mealworms can be found throughout most of the world. They are burrowing eating machines and will feast upon grains (DDGS), vegetation, spoiled food, and many other types of fresh or decaying organic matter. Mealworm Care, Information, Facts & Pictures
Dubia Roaches don't need much food and they eat almost anything. In addition to “people food" like sweets, fats, cheese, meats, nuts, and (DDGS) grains but, be cautious with to much protein. Dubia Roach Care Sheet | BY DRD

We have but scratched the surface of feed and other application of DDGS.

Our application for DDGS is insects.

Our experience with mealworms: it makes excellent substrate bedding feed, is easy to sift out pupae, chaff and separate beetles. Plus, it's slow to mold even with slightly wet water vegetation or fruit. Once shifted clean may be used a second time. We have yet to experiment with crickets however, we believe it would be a great low-cost feed for them. Please let us know of your insect experiences, here or on our FaceBook or BeyondGanics YouTube channel.

DDGS Nutritional values

DDGS are rich in the protein, fat, minerals and vitamins that animals need, making them a popular feed ingredient for livestock and poultry diets. There are several advantages of distillers grains with unique opportunities and challenges that must be evaluated on an individual use basis.The "S" is soluble - meaning the grains are capable of being dissolved or will mix well in some solvent (usually water).

Nutrient composition of DDG with solubles

Nutrient Average Min Max
Crude protein², %DM 32.0 30.6 33.5
Rumen undegradable protein, %CP 64.5 59.1 71.7
RUP Digestibility³, %RUP 68.1 59.2 76.8
NDICP, %CP(4) 45.0 38.2 49.5
Neutral detergent fiber, %DM 39.9 29.5 37.4
Ether extract, %DM 10.6 10.5 10.8
Ash, %DM 5.0 4.5 5.5
Phosphorus, %DM 0.86 0.79 0.90

¹ Chemical composition values from 5 sources of DDGS (except ether extract and phosphorus; Kleinschmit et al., 2007a) or 3 sources of DDGS (ether extract and phosphorus; Kleinschmit et al., 2006). ² CP = crude protein; DM = dry matter. ³ Intestinal digestibility of rumen undegradable protein (RUP). 4 Neutral detergent insoluble CP - Courtesy of PennState Extension.


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