Few words about us

We started BeyondGanics, March 25, 2012. BeyondGanics is the development and provision of healthier organic food. BeyondGanics aquaponics growing method uses a deep water culture floating raft system to grow vegetables. Within our aquaponics system, we breed totally organic fish. Our fish and vegetables grow within a liquid nutrient rich closed circulation growing environment, without the use of nutrient depleted soil, which insures a “beyond organic” food yield.

We decided that if we start this small other people will only demand that we become larger to supply them too. So, our first stage project will begin somewhere in the middle. In this stage we are learning, projecting the next step and determining a structure by which we can allow others to join us.

So, now that you know a bit about us, you can watch the development of our project. We also offer you join in by providing help of any kind. If you have farming, building, packaging, fish raising experience we welcome you.


If you have supplies, green houses, fish tanks, organic seeds or even land that is just sitting, you’re welcome to let us know. We will consider all offers and ideas.